I made this website for someone important to me. She's helped me grow, and she's given me the direction I need to succeed. When she holds a camera I can't stop but feel love. Not the photograph that she has taken, which is arguable beautiful, but I'm mesmerized by what is behind the camera itself. So I made this website so that maybe she could have the drive to love the art that she can make with just a camera, her roaring personality and a little bit of patience.

My goal when making this website was to give a voice to photography. I believe photographic art is the most honest medium for expression of nature and personality since it can capture a single moment as an emotion of the purest form. Every photograph has a story attached, what the artist felt as an emotion at that time. Sometimes it could be love or hate or anger or splendour. But every time it is pure. Just like the heart of the person this website is made for.